Introducing CONNECTME

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

CONNECTME is a programme designed by Manchester Entrepreneurs in order to facilitate networking between students from all areas of study and different participants in the business ecosystem. Through our events, we offer students the opportunity to share their interesting ideas and passions with like-minded people and at the same time hear about their peers’ goals and stories. In addition to this, they can learn new things from successful entrepreneurs, hear about their journeys and ask for advice. Students can also find mentors and investors to support them in transforming their ideas into reality.

Who is CONNECTME for?

We encourage the participation of students from diverse university degrees, as breakthroughs arise when people can combine many ideas together. For example, a Computer Science student might have a great idea for developing a phone app and the technical expertise to create it. This student could connect with a peer who is majoring in Business Studies and who has knowledge in business strategies, market research and capital raising opportunities. Consequently, if their interests and passions are aligned, they could both start a greatly successful business.

Some people prefer to start a business alone, but there are many benefits of starting a business with a co-founder, because they expand your horizon, they support you along the journey, they help you make tough calls, they can help scale your business and you have access to their network. Participating in our events represents a great way to find the right co-founder for your business.

By connecting with active entrepreneurs, students can learn more about the ins and outs of running a prosperous business and discover more about business-planning skills for venture start-ups, marketing, financing, management strategies and ethical decision-making.

Business mentors

Business mentors will participate as well at out events. Students will be able to share their start-up ideas with them and create a connection which could be crucial in whether or not their idea will succeed. There are numerous advantages of having a mentor during your entrepreneurial journey and 93% of start-ups admit that mentorship is instrumental to success. A mentor would help you gain experience not shared in books, will help you stay in business longer, expand your network, and most important give you reassurance and encouragement.


Investors will be present at the CONNECTME events as well. Students will have the opportunity to present their ideas, projects and goals to potential investors. If they believe that the ideas have the potential to be successful, students might get access to the necessary capital in order to start or expand their business.

Whether you are just curious to hear about many innovative business ideas from students from diverse fields or you are trying to expand your start-up idea and grow it into a successful business, the series of networking events, informal hangouts, and more offered within the CONNECTME Programme will give you this opportunity.

Written by Adelina Fughina