Education, Europe, Entrepreneurship. Which party should you vote for?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

What do they say about Brexit?


- Propose a deal for Brexit and hold a second referendum. The referendum will ask Labours Deal or Remain.


- Get their deal through parliament and continue with Brexit.

Liberal Democrats

- Cancel Brexit and remain in the EU.


- Escape from Brexit, either remain within the UK if Brexit does not go ahead or leave the UK if Brexit happens.


This election could be said to be the the final decider on Brexit... again. For many voters this may be the make or break. It is clear from here what the stance is from each of the parties. It seems that the country is tired of the situation, firms are spending billions on preparing for the outcome and many are holding off on major decisions.

Many are saying this election is not about Brexit, but the future of this country in a stable environment has to be secured. This means if we leave, the plan has to be bullet proof, otherwise, yet again, the middle and lower classes will suffer for the sake of the mistake of the ruling classes.

What do they promise about business and innovation?


- £250billion of lending available for enterprise, infrastructure and innovation over 10 years.

- Put the Post Office back into the public domain and have the post offices give start-up loans in villages, towns and cities.

- Financial authorities will be encouraged to invest into green industries.

- Increase corporation tax.


- Increase tax credit to 13% for R&D and review the definition of R&D

- Increase infrastructure – including gigabit broadband.

- Emphasis on female entrepreneurs and BAME industries

Liberal Democrats

- Tax support in the creative industries and addressing the barriers to entry to protect products.

- The NEW ‘Start-up Allowance’ to help those starting up a business with their living costs.

- Expand the British Business Bank so that SMEs have enough capital.

- Emphasis on Green Jobs, Green Products and Green Industry


- Businesses to receive a National Insurance discount of Brexit goes through to help with unemployment.

- End Scottish Austerity and ensure Scotland get a fair share of public spending.

- Improve connectivity between businesses and the government to improve innovation.


It is clear here that a greener more sustainable future for innovation is at the forefront of the agenda in all parties. Labour and the Lib Dems are trying to increase the fiscal policy by lowering the barrier to entry for many startups by ensuring the 'big boys' are paying their taxes. Whereas the Conservatives are taking the stance of cutting taxes across the board for businesses in their fiscal policy. But this brings the question - if the conservatives are lowering their taxes why is it labour that is coming under scrutiny over how they will fund their manifesto? Especially now 163 economists and academics have backed Labours spending plans. However, the Institution for Fiscal Studies have also stated that neither the Conservative or Labour manifestos are not credible at the same time.

The SNP are obviously trying to ensure the best outcome for the Scottish people and with that protecting Scottish industries.

The Institution for Fiscal Studies have also

What they promise for education and young people?


- Raise of Minimum wage from £8.21 to £10 per hour for 16 years and up.

- Ensures all public HE institutions have adequate funding for teaching and research.

- Return of Maintenance Grant instead of the current Loan system in operation (Free Education)


- Fast Track UK entry for top graduates that have won scientific prizes.

- £2 billion investment into the higher education system.

Liberal Democrats

- Reinstate Maintenance Grants to the poorest of students.

- Require that Universities make mental health services available to their students.


- Securing a post study work visa, giving a great boost to Scotlands world class Universities.

- Working to abolish 0 contract hours.

- 16 to 17 year olds can currently vote in Scottish Local Elections and will try and extend that in the UK.


It seems the Labour Party are clearly trying to appeal to the younger voter to try and ensure that an investment into education will then see the country reap the rewards of the innovation later, although the spending is higher now. Here they are trying to lower the barrier to entry for all classes so that social inequality is lowered.

This is also matched by the Liberal Democrats with the addition to a though about our wellbeing at University, a matter that has largely been campaigned about.

With the conservatives, very little was said in their manifesto about education but with the increase in funding we may see better research from the UK universities. It also seems the Conservatives want to ensure we have the best international graduates possible.

The SNP want to continue with free education in Scotland with the added benefit of allowing graduates to stay in the UK after their education has finished.

Please, for fuck's sake, take an interest in your future. This is only a summary of points that I think apply to students and Entrepreneurs. Read the manifestos in the links below and comment anything you think is also relevant to making a decision.

Labour Manifesto:

Conservative Manifesto:

Liberal Democrats:

SNP Manifesto:

Alberto Serio