Meet Manchester Entrepreneurs

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Manchester Entrepreneurs have been around for some time now and made a name as the biggest student-led enterprise organisation in Manchester. In this blog post, we would like to share with you what's new for our community this year and how you can get involved.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and connect students with the wider business ecosystem by encouraging entrepreneurship through our events and programs. We have over 5000 members including students, professors, and start-up founders. We nurture our relationships with over 50 start-ups around the UK and take pride in having helped start-ups raise £1.2 million over the years.

New programs and events

In addition to ACCELERATEME and HIREME, we established two new Manchester Entrepreneurs programs due to high demand - CONNECTME and EDUCATEME.

ACCELERATEME is a start-up incubator program that provides successful applicants with mentorship and professional help for 4 months, equity-free funding of up to £2000, and free of charge access to office space. Find out more about ACCELERATEME in our coming posts and on their website.

HIREME is a series of events that aims to help talented students and innovative start-ups connect and work together. In addition, we will post exciting work opportunities in the HIREME section on our website. Find out more about HIREME in the coming posts and the HIREME section on our website.

CONNECTME is one of our new programs. Our goal is to connect students and professionals around campus and in the UK through a series of networking events and our social media platforms. Keep an eye out for the next CONNECTME event if you fancy broadening your network and meeting some exciting people. You can find out more about CONNECTME in the coming posts and the CONNECTME section on our website.

EDUCATEME is a series of events that focuses on educating students and helping them learn new skills. Our second new program will bring to you some of the most skillful professionals in the UK through interviews and events and help you learn something new. Check out the EDUCATEME section on our website and social media for more information.

What's ahead

After our sold-out launch event in September, we have multiple events coming up this year - some of which will be brought to you by one of the four ME programs.

One of the biggest events of this year will be the Manchester Startup Weekend on 22-24 November.

Our next event is TechTalks on the 24th October at The CoOp Federation - save the date and get your free ticket on our Facebook page.

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Written by Mark Csizmadia